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Welcome to Basking Ridge!

You can check out the majority of available listings in the area by entering your criteria in the white search box at the top.  Once you have found a home that you would like to see, please feel very free to call me so that we can schedule an appointment to view the home and […]

  • Community Events

    TBD Adventurer's League | Free D&D 5th Edition Fun!

    Gaming Meetups at The Bearded Dragon Games

    Seeking Adventure? Do you enjoy slaying hideous beasts & collecting hordes of treasure? Join us in the dark & dastardly world of the Northern Wilds. You are a young inexperienced adventurer exploring the exciting open world of the Northern Wilds,...

    Pathfinder Society-The Emerald Spire *LEVEL 4*, Godhome

    Garden State Gaming Society

    Level 4- Godhome (character levels 3-5)For ages untold, a gemstone monolith has pierced the heart of the Echo Wood. Now, as civilization intrudes upon this enigmatic splinter, a strange life once again stirs in the depths—one with ties to...

    NJ Hunterdon County "Brain Storming"

    B.I.G. Believe, Inspire, Grow

    Are you feeling stuck? Do you have a challenge to overcome? Your BIG sisters are here to help and support you through it all. We are hosting the ever popular and highly successful Brainstorming session this month! What a great way for us to...